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Developing a human protein for diabetes and complications


Treatment of overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes and lipid abnormalities is often inadequate despite using two or more oral anti-diabetic drugs and statins.

Zoltan Laboratories LLC (Zoltan Lab) is developing an add-on protein drug to treat this group of people to reduce obesity as well as improve the diabetic condition and prevent coronary artery disease.

An experienced management group, a highly dedicated board of directors, and an expert science advisory board are helping preparations for a first-in-man clinical trial.

Intellectual Property

All planned applications have significant patent protection.

The Product

Zoltan Lab's protein drug candidate helps obese and diabetic people already treated with oral anti-diabetic drugs and a statin to reduce the elevated serum content of food derived lipids, and thus complementing the inhibitory effects of statins on endogenous formation of cholesterol. Additional important features of the protein's effects include:

  • Prevention of weigh-gain;
  • Increase of insulin sensitivity;
  • Promotion of the effects of oral anti-diabetic drugs;
  • Prevention of muscle protein wasting induced by diabetes and statins;
  • Protection of the insulin producing islet cells;
  • Reduction of inflammation;
  • Reduction of muscle pain experienced by many statin users.

Clinical Trial

Zoltan Lab is now seeking major funding to conduct its first-in-man clinical trial. The study subjects will be obese and type 2 diabetic patients with dyslipidemia who progressed to a stage when treatment with oral anti-diabetics and statins is no longer adequate to avoid significant deterioration of their diabetic condition that will likely to lead to type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Contact Information

  Zoltan Kiss, Ph.D.
  CEO & President
  404 20th Street SW
  Tel: 507-437-7779
  Email: zoltan.kiss@zoltanlabs.com